We design and develop modern and professional websites that are user-friendly and mobile-optimised. Get a website today and start getting the online exposure you deserve.

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With content marketing we focus on creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract and maintain a defined audience. Drive profitable customer action.

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Whether you want to grow your social media accounts organically or via paid promotions, our strategies will help you reach your business goals. Improve your

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Symbol Marketing, is a young and vibrant, proudly South African, black female owned, full-service digital marketing agency that will work with you to identify the best strategies for your business and help you bring in sales.

We offer Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, SEO, PPC, Lead Gen and other services.

With our team of marketing experts, we can help you take your digital marketing to the next level. 

With our assistance, you can grow your business and bring in new clients without breaking the bank. 

Expand your digital footprint with us today. 


Our focus is firmly on the future of your business.

We’re for South Africa

Our marketing packages are competitive, and custom quotes make us affordable for EVERYONE. We don’t believe in “you get what you pay for”. With us, you get more than what you pay for!

Our Commitment to Achieve

We’re committed to delivering quality and measurable results that our clients can see and track.

We Deliver on Authenticity

We have a strong belief that just like every individual is unique in their own way, so are their businesses. We handle each business’s marketing strategy with an authentic approach – no one size fits all stuff.


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We’re experts in:

- Content Creation
- Website Design and Development
- Digital Marketing including SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing

We love what we do because we have a real world impact building our clients’ businesses by bringing them SALES!