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Marketing is more than just advertising and the fact is that most business owners think that marketing is hard. Marketing is about engagement, having a conversation with your customers so that you can understand their needs and wants and at the same time it’s about offering the right kind of information that will help your customers.

We at Symbol Marketing know that marketing is about building relationships and delivering value.


Born in Cape Town, I love my city and am proudly South African. I am firstly African. But I am also a woman. I am young. I am enthusiastic, creative and passionate. I am most passionate about coaching and mentoring young people and being part of alleviating poverty in our society. I hold many titles, namely digital marketer, writer, brand strategist and small business owner. However, I do not limit myself to these titles. I am passionate about life and living my purpose here and now. I value relationships and look forward to seeing the difference and impact that Symbol Marketing brings to building strong digital communities across the African continent. What key challenge or gap in industry would you like to solve?I am because we are” as the saying goes. Likewise, marketing and advertising agencies exist because of common needs in the public and private sectors. Key challenges which I hope to address across 2020-2030 as partners of digital transformation are quality of life, a highly skilled nation, health, economy and job creation, increased productivity, sustainable futures, infrastructure development, democracy and human rights, good governance, celebrating the renaissance of Africa, gender equity, empowering our children and youth, global collaboration and sustainable marketing models. At Symbol Marketing, we help empower dreamers to GROW their businesses and create a lasting and sustainable impact digitally.