The Importance of Finding A Role Model

I don’t like to be that person that bursts everyone’s bubble but today, in the 21st century , it is evident that some of us do not understand what the term role model actually means. According to a role model is a person whose behaviour, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. If we break down this definition we can see two important aspects to be taken out of it. The behaviour, example or success of the role model is tried to be achieved or bettered by others who views them as a role model.

Many millennials idolise celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, Lil Wayne or Tyga and view these people as role models.

The thing with being a role model is that you get two types of them, positive influencers and negative influencers. We NEED to understand the difference!

What do these people have to offer you? How will these people grow you? Have they ever been where you are currently? Do they no struggle from success? Are they a positive influence to society? Where have they been and where are they headed? Do they have goals?

What are positive role models?

These are questions to ponder when thinking about a role model in your life. They should be someone you can really relate to and not just someone who is famous and dresses fancy. A role model is influential beyond compare, they stand out from the crowd and exercise good practice, their abilities are inspiring and uplifting and most importantly they stand for something great. Do not fool yourself into aspiring to be the next best thing like some celebrity you wish to be, hold onto your values and when a role model pushes you to exceed in life without losing who you ultimately are, that’s when you’ve found a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL.

Don’t be fooled by a role model who starts smoking and then suddenly smoking becomes the right thing to do. Don’t be fooled by a role model who has boyfriend after boyfriend and then jumping from guy to guy becomes the right thing to do. Don’t be fooled by a role model who lives on the success of their parents and cannot stand alone if need be.