Launching Symbol Marketing Took Me a Year and Here’s Why!

Early on in life I, Terrique Faro, had this dream for myself that someday I would start my own company.

What, where, how, when came later on in my late teenage years. As you begin to ‘adult’ you quickly realise that some dreams take longer than others and that other dreams just aren’t realistic. Like owning a house made of candy like Willy Wonka, LOL. But the dream to have my own business never died down, in fact, after I finished matric I knew I had to study something that would equip me with the knowledge needed to start my own company and get this dream going.

At the beginning of 2020, with no money, I went online, opened a free WIX account for myself, drafted a quick website and volunteered to do online marketing for a few small business owners I knew.

I wasn’t making money and I was spending SO MUCH TIME on these projects. I stopped for a few months as I received a cool full-time working opportunity and as much as I loved working in the marketing industry and working for a great company, in my heart I knew this was not my purpose in life. I was fulfilling someone else’s dream, drawing further and further away from my own.

Now, here I am, with a dream so BIG I could hardly contain myself. I am forcing myself to take the leap, and with just a little effort and so much prayer, I am on the path to making my dream become a reality. A registered company, comprehensive business plan with a five year financial forecast and a live website. How’s that for making it happen.

I read a powerful quote a while back which said: ‘It feels so much better to be at the bottom of the right ladder than the top of the wrong ladder’.

I let my fears, doubts, excuses, circumstances rule me for a while and that is okay. I am only human, BUT I refocused and re-evaluated and practically forced myself to make things happen. Is it not amazing how fear sometimes takes over and controls our lives, to the point that we no longer chase our dreams and see big visions for ourselves.

Excuses are the enemy of excellence – remember this.

Note: I hardly any money, a laptop, 500mg limited internet and a dream when I finally started Symbol Marketing. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your outcome. If I allowed that to be the case, then I would still be sitting with a dream, and an excuse of ‘I don’t have money’, ‘I don’t have resources’, ‘I don’t have a proper laptop’, ‘I can’t do this alone’.


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