How To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign

This is where marketing comes in. And if you’re a new company, it’s the only way to get your name out there. To make this happen, you need to create a plan for how you will reach your target audience and create an effective marketing campaign. Here are some steps for running a successful marketing […]

The Importance of Finding A Role Model

I don’t like to be that person that bursts everyone’s bubble but today, in the 21st century , it is evident that some of us do not understand what the term role model actually means. According to a role model is a person whose behaviour, example, or success is or can be emulated by […]

Take Your Own Damn Advice!

I recently wrote a blog about personal branding. What is it, what is involved and how to build your personal brand. While in the process of researching and connecting with the article I wrote, I discovered that I am not practicing what I was technically going to preach. I was about to publish a blog […]

Why I Feel Optimistic About the Future?

Born in the 90’s and currently living in the twenty first century, I’ve witnessed many changes over my 25 and counting years on earth. When you look back at your childhood days, good and bad memories, times of the past seemed so innocent. My first mobile phone was bought for me at the age of […]