Why I Feel Optimistic About the Future?

Born in the 90’s and currently living in the twenty first century, I’ve witnessed many changes over my 25 and counting years on earth. When you look back at your childhood days, good and bad memories, times of the past seemed so innocent. My first mobile phone was bought for me at the age of 13, whereas children of today, have cellphones at the age of 4. I often reminisce about the future and how the future of my children’s children would turn out.

If we consider the news over the past few years and we look at the world as a glass ball, we are heading for times of trouble, and sooner or later the glass ball that was once perfectly moulded starts developing cracks. Our future then becomes vulnerable and who can we blame besides ourselves?

Be the change you want to see in the world“- Mahatma Ghandi

What if someone told you it is not too late to be the change and save the future, you would think of all impossibilities before even considering that one slight possible solution. We cannot stand back and get angry at the government for not defending the country when we were the ones voting for them, we cannot stand back and get angry when we see our girls being raped yet self defence are not taught at schools and men sit back and do nothing, we cannot stand back and get angry when poverty just increases but we try all we can to get away with not paying our taxes. The list goes on and on, and the heartache cuts deeper and deeper.

We need to take a stand and work together, little by little, to make a change. If not now, then later the benefits of our work will be rewarded and future generations can look forward to an optimistic future.